Engøyholmen Coastal Culture Center


foundation established in 1990 in Stavanger, by the local branches of The society for the
Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments (Fortidsminneforeningen) and The Coastal
Federation (Forbundet KYSTEN) A Federation for the Use and Preservation of Historical
Vessels and Coastal Environment.
The foundation's Statutes contains the Mission Statement; our mission is to:
· Restore and preserve the foundation's property: buildings, equipment, boats and vessels, as
listed heritage of high class and as important elements in one of the few authentic
maritime environments in Stavanger.
· Give the Engoyholm an active and outward use as a coastal culture center for the city of
Stavanger and the region of Rogaland.
· To document, conserve and promote understanding and act as an agent for the maritime
cultural tradition in general in our district. This includes buildings and facilities on land,
ships, boats, equipment and objects as well as intangible assets and traditional crafts
belonging to the coast and the maritime culture.
· Let the Engoyholm be a venue for many uses and age groups, where the special
environment and the many objects and tasks of coastal culture will unite and activate.
· Provide the coastal culture center with a socially oriented and social pedagogic profile,
preventive and rehabilitative work with children and young people are central.
· Let work show a high professional standard, be sustainable and ethically sound.
The foundation's mission is, in collaboration with the Stavanger Maritime Museum; to
highlight our boatbuilding tradition by retrieving and disseminating tangible and intangible
aspects of this part of our heritage.
Our main objective for more than 20 years has been to secure and develop our maritime
coastal culture within the Stavanger Cultural Historic Harbour Landscape. The activities of
EKS are supported by the Stavanger Municipality and the Rogaland Regional Council, a local
bank and other foundations. Major activity areas are:
· restoration and preservation
· regular workshops promoting sailing, boatbuilding, wood working, etc
· repair of traditional boats, ships and engines
· maintenance of our own fleet of 4 traditional vessels as well as assorted small and
traditional crafts
· building of replicas
· incorporation and training of apprentices
· preventive and rehabilitative work with children and young adults